Saturday, March 3, 2012

Warpath Scrapbuilt Gouf SD

It is done! After a long long time I finally finished this project. I started this back in October 2011. I never thought that this would take too much work as I intended this to be a side project. But it turned out that this became probably the most complicated and time consuming build I've ever done. I would like to thank my MAC bros for the support specially Kriz, MatX for the tutorials and DC23. I think I achieved my goal on making this a big hulking monstrosity. I wanted it to have an intimidating and menacing look. Anyways, I now present you Warpath.

Removable helmet.

Size comparison with Gouf Custom SD

I hope you liked it. I'm gonna make a base/dio for it soon.

Thank you for dropping by...=)


  1. @ziggyzuggy...Thank you bro!...=)

  2. MUHAHAHAHAHA.(evil laugh)

    That is a beast, love everything about it bro.

    COMPITITION GRADE WORK right there Ray, Perfect in everyway.

  3. @kriz...Thanks my friend, I guess my hard work and patience on this build payed off.=)

  4. I love this kit man. The building concept is beast, I love the spine and the armor. The paint up is awesome, the filters and brushing is sick. I love these SD figures you make!


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