Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Lost and Forgotten

Took a break from the junkbots and returned on doing SD. This is made from a sangoukuden sd. I really wanted to get my hand on an SD turn A but haven't able to get one. So I just made this sangoukoden sd turn a into a regular normal turn a since the face mask and chest armor is the only difference and also the weapons. I Added pla plates drilled holes and modified the original face mask. I had a lot of problem painting this kit, I really wanted to make a clean finish but i had problems painting white. I almost threw this sd out of frustration, then I decided just to weather it. This is the first sd I really weather heavily. I made a simple dio base. Its a small hangar long lost and forgotten... here are the pics.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

New Spiderman Full Costume

I love spiderman and I collect some spidey action figures. The new suit looks nice but i still like the old one better though. I just wish the movie will be good. Here is the pic of the new suit.
More info:
Thanks for looking...=)

My First EVA

Bought this today. I went to the mall and check out if they have new gunplas in stock. Sadly they don't have, I don't want to go empty handed so I decided to get an Eva. I don't really know anything about EVA kits so I just grab the one that got my attention due to the box art lol. If ever I enjoyed building this I might get some move Evas in the future.



Friday, February 11, 2011

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Finally a Bearaccguy !

This just came in today. I would like to thank MatX for getting me this bearguy, thanks a lot!!!! I will be joining the MAC/GAF bearguy group build. I'm still not a hundred percent sure what to do but as of now I'm planning to do a Pooh bearguy. I'll be doing it for my wife because she loves Winnie the Pooh.




I got 2nd Place on Best Customized Gunpla Category

I woke up this morning and checked  Gundam Guy's site and to my surprise, I saw my entry In second place tied with two other great works. I never ever thought I would go as far as the finals especially in a customized category  where there a lot of awesome entries. I would also like to congratulate my good friend Kamm for winning 3rd place! Congrats bro!.. Thank you to DC23, kriz, kamm, and all my bros in MAC forums and thank you to all the judges for appreciating my little work, I am honored and humbled.  it is my first time to join a contest and this absolutely made it memorable...

More pics:Red Redeemer

Thank you for looking...=)

G-SHOT! Best Customized Gunpla Category Winner

Congratulations to Craig Clark for winning the best Best Customized Gunpla Category!What he'd done on a 1/144 scale kit is awe inspiring!.. More info:  Gundam guy

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New Logo Plus

After making the Mr. tank icon, I decided to make the other 3 junkbots into an icon too. They look good together I think.


New Logo

I took DC23's advice and made a new logo/banner for my blog.Thanks Don!!! Its just a simple logo and is inspired by my 1st junkbot  Mr. Tank and got idea from the android logo too. I'll be making some variations and will try different background. Its not that great but I guess its ok...

 Edited:Thanks again Don!

Thank you for looking.=)

G-SHOT! Best Paint Job Category Winner

Congratulations to Stiven Daniel Rusli for winning the best paint job category.

More info:Gundam guy

Snapbuilt Gundam Air Master SD

Just a quick blog before going to bed. I was suppose to post this hours ago but got busy playing NBA 2k11 online. This sd kit only have two colors. It will need a lot of work to make it look good. I still love it though.



Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Paper Mache Pyramid Head by Richard Celeste

I want to share this life size pyramid head. It is made by my younger brother. Its made from paper mache. He made and took pic of  this way back in 2009. He haven't finished the sword though. My brother is an artist, he loves painting, drawing, photography, cooking, and has amazing creativity. He is the one who thought me to make a dio base from sand and glue when i was starting gunpla.  He is not into models or gunpla though.  Too bad he doesn't do this stuff any more as he is more focused in other things... Here are the pics. By the way he made this alone and he was 18 back then.



The Junkbots: Punkbot WIP 2

I made a guitar for this junkbot. It is connected via lego. The guitars body is made from a plastic toy, added wires for the string, gear etc. I replaced the other shoulder pad and repositioned the arms. Here are the pics.



G-SHOT! Best Straight Build Category Winner

Congratulations to Elbert Isaac for winning the best Straight Build Category!!! He made an awesome job on the MG Exia. More info on Gundam Guy's site: G Shot Straight Build Winner

 I also entered the contest and its my first time to join any gunpla competition ever... I'm so happy I reached the Finals. With all the great entries I never thought i would made it that far. Here is my entry.

Work in Progress

Been tweaking the blogsite since yesterday. So far I like the outcome and I'll probably change or add some more stuff. Comments and suggestions are most welcome.   Thanks for dropping by.


Kamen Rider Black RX SD

Another kamen rider sd. This one still have light up eyes. This guy has little articulation but its cute and nice to display. This is probably my favorite in my kamen rider sds.



Monday, February 7, 2011

New Look

Change the look of the blog. I went for a EDIT(not rusty theme anymore) and added pages on top.


Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Junk Bots: Enforcer

Another entry for the MAC group build. This is junkbot number 4. Made from yakult bottle, some zoid parts, mini 4wd roller and wheel, rockman toy parts for the shoulder pads, some wires, ballpen parts for the arm cannon, sprues, etc. I called it the enforcer. A police junkbot patrolling the wastelands...It kinda resembles this bot from fallout new vegas. Haven't played the game yet tough. Here are the pics.


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Junk Bots: Gearhead

Finished one of my entry for the group build... Made from mini 4wd gears, sprues, wire, and other plastic bits etc. Called it Gearhead, because of the gears in the head obviously lol...Here are the pics...


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