Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Junkbots Namcap

Its been a long time since I last finished a build. My Gouf SD is taking a lot of work that it kinda burned me out. I needed something to finish to get my engine running again so I made this. Its a quick build finished in less than 24 hours.  Its made from a ping pong ball, twist ties, gunpla scraps namely exia first grade for the hands, sd  for feet, putty cap for the eye, gears, wires and screws. Thanks to DC23, I got some ideas from him to use screw and to Hummingbird for the teeth. I also got some help from my old buddy on this build. He visited me one day and I showed him my work area, we had a chit chat while I was working on this and I ask him to help me out. He made the lens for the eyes and I let him hand paint some of the parts. He also game the idea of using Pacman color scheme. I was thinking of what color to use then he said "it looks like Pacman", so I end up using it. I named it NAMCAP which is Pacman in reverse...

Work in progress.

Thank you for looking...=)


  1. Lol this is so funky and cool. Love it!

  2. @chubbybots..Thank you bro!=)

  3. He kinda looks like Toc-Man, from Pac-Man World (his name is Namcot backwards).


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