Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Junkbots Kriz

This Junkbot is dedicated for my good friend Kriz.  As I said way back, this is my simple thank you for the nice things he did, inspiring me to continue working on my Junkbots and giving advice and ideas. I tried to keep this build simple just like my very first Junkbot build and also made as simple base. I just hope he liked it. Thanks again my friend...

Thank you for dropping by...=)


  1. WOW!....I'm speechless bro...many humble thank you's.

    Your works have been and awesome inspiration to many, including myself.

    Love the welding around the eye most of all, will feature this soon bro...(also makes a nice birthday gift too)...THANKS BRO! :)

  2. @Kriz...Im glad you liked it kriz!!! Advance Happy birthday to you...=)


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