Thursday, May 17, 2012

My New Hobby

Hello everyone! Its been a while since my last blog post. I just wanted to share my new hobby "mobile photography". I've been hooked to "Instagram" this past few months and I say I enjoy it very much. Taking photos using my phone have been a delight and its relaxing to me. I spend more time outdoors now than I used to. Going to the beach almost every afternoon to take photos of the sunset, clouds, etc.  

I'm still into models/gunpla, I snap fitted some of my old SDs and HG 1/144 couple of weeks ago. I'll be coming back on posting wips again but for now I'm more into photography.

I have hundreds of photos posted on Instagram and  hope you could follow me. Username: rzero1
And to all my followers  thank you very much!!! =)

Here are some pictures I took using my Galaxy S II.

Thanks for looking... =)


  1. WOW!....Ray these are BEAUTIFUL brother, seems like many of us are tinkering with new hobbies these days..LOL......Very DIORAMA


  2. @kriz... thank you kriz! Maybe I'll try some outdoor photography with my models too.. =)


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