Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Warpath WIP 2 (Gouf SD scrap)

Just got back from a holiday trip. Here are some big update on the SD gouf scrap build. I will now name this as The Ravager. I made an articulated hand for the first time, its made from balloon stick, sprue and paper clips. Special thanks to MatX, I got inspired by his scratch build hand tutorial. And also to MAC member Zorox, I was also inspired by his WIP by using a huge arm on his 1/144 Bushido.

I also added a spine and gears. I got the spine idea from my friend Kriz of KriKreations.

I made the legs articulated which is a first for me. I got inspired by MAC member tonghoo with his SD joint mods . Thanks again to MatX for the tutorial on bending High Impact Plates (HIPS).

That all for now. Thank you for looking...=)

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