Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Special Gift From My Wife

Just got hit by the typhoon juan (megi) the past few days. My gunpla collection needed to be moved because water entered our room. Some boxes got wet, good thing the manuals and the contents are ok.

Anyways I just want to share a very special gift given to me by my wife. A perfect grade GP01, yippee! I am very happy!!! Thank you very much to my loving wife for giving me this… After getting married I never thought of having another perfect grade. I currently have 2 PGs in my collection one unbuilt RX78-2 and a built Wing Zero without wings (waiting to be customed) lol which I bought with a nice price… I’m very blessed of having someone who understands my hobby. I always said to her that for me, it’s better than drinking, smoking, and gambling… Thank you again to my wife, I love you very much!!!...



Hope I could find a time to build this,heheh...

Thank you for looking...


  1. pre pinoy?lol awesome blog by the way. . . glad i visited this site cus of kamniks. . .ya kno...from youtube :D

  2. @fern...Thanks!..Yup Pinoy ako...=)


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