Friday, October 29, 2021

C3P0 Funko Mystery Mini Star Wars


            Just a quick paint wash on this funko mystery mini C3P0. I got this a few years ago and I always wanted to do some minor paint on it. I used tamiya black for the wash and tamiya yellow for the eyes. I have a couple more of the minis and I love the look of this little bobble head figures, they look nice when displayed together.

Thursday, October 14, 2021

Portanova 1/144

            My first finished painted gunpla kit in years. The last one was my Elmeth SD way back in 2015. The itch of building and painting hit me a few weeks ago and decided to make quick one.  No mods no cuts just straight build, painted it then my favorite part the weathering and minor battle scars effects. 

           Snap building this kit was quick and simple, but painting it was another story. Since its been 6 years since I painted a kit and some of my painting stuff, paint brushes, paint, spray cans etc are not usable anymore. Some paint dried up, my paint brushes hardened  and I even lost my air compressor and air brush.  I just used what was left usable. 

          I don't know if  I'll paint another kit soon but will see, maybe an SD or something small. Anyway here are the photos. Hope you like it and thanks for dropping by, stay safe.

Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Rev-9 Funko Pop

        The terminator franchise is one of my favorite movies when I was growing up.  Specially the second one, though it haven't been the same since then. I really love the design and look of the terminator endoskeletons. The look menacing, scary, badass and cool at the same time. I still remember watching the first one on VHS and my young self was amazed with the special effects. 

        This little Rev-9 from the Terminator dark fate looks nice. The movie isn't that great but its still nice to see Arnold back in the role for probably the last time.  Hopefully someday they'll make good terminator movies again. 

Tuesday, March 23, 2021


           Due to the current situation our world is in right now, I been back to gaming as a past time and somewhat like a stress outlet. I built a new gaming rig a couple of months ago and been enjoying it.  I'm kinda glad I didn't wait until this year to build one since parts and components are so hard to find right now and not to mention the price went up. 

          I love playing with a controller even on pc because I am more use to it than a mouse and keyboard, yep even on fps games. But I couldn't pass this Asus X Gundam Collaboration. Since I love gundam, even though I haven't built a kit in I can't remember when, I still had to get one.

          Can't deny it, this mouse looks cool, the color scheme of RX 78-2 looks great. Hopefully I could get other peripherals to along with it, like the gundam edition keyboard which looks cool too. anyways here are the pictures. Enjoy. 

Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Funko Pop!

Been a while since I last posted something here on my blog. I've been more active on my instagram this past couple of years. I would appreciate if you could drop by there too. 

I also been collecting funko pops. Since I love SDs,  I love this little figures they look cute and some looks badass too.  There are a lot to choose from, from movies, videogames , sports, music, etc. It can't afford to get them all so I just stick to the figures I like. I'll probably post some of them here also. 

Here is one from my favorite movie Mad Max Fury Road. Imperator Furiosa.

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